Heliconius aims to raise awareness and support for conservation through the sale of its products. We donate 10% of all online sale profits to a wonderful charity called Butterfly Conservation. They work tirelessly to protect British butterflies, moths and the habitats they need to thrive. Currently, we are donating  to a specific project called The Bog Squad which focuses on the restoration of important peatland habitats in Scotland.

Peatlands are highly valuable habitats - rich in biodiversity and important for flood prevention and carbon storage. They are home to many specialist species and desperately require our protection. Invasion by non-native trees and extraction of peat for garden usage has left our peatlands in a very sorry state. The bog squad is a hard working team of volunteers who help restore the land by damming ditches, removing rhododendrons and recording butterflies and moths. A great cause to support!

Besides donating money, we also sometimes donate artwork to environmental organisations for use in reports or online. Occasionally we also donate original pieces for auctioning. If you are interested in this please get in touch!